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Exclusive ideas of furnishing and interior design

For many years minimalism has been the ideal within interior design and furnishing. Restrained shapes and materials characterized this modern, yet slightly cold and sleek look. Lately new influences are beginning to claim their position in modern interior design, new romantics bring a much more opulent, generous and lush look with them. “Rules for decorating not black and white” says The Time Colonist.

Softer shapes, opulent décor

The mixture of both furniture with romantic details and ornaments (, wall papers with a striking pattern yet opulent and elegant design and dashes of colour here and there creates a touch of luxury in your private home. If you´re still trying to picture an image of what a room like that might look like, just think of the interiors of an old manor house in England or Scotland, of opulent frames to paintings, velvet and silk fabrics, of chaise longues and lounge sofas with an almost royal appeal. Of course not everyone is so lucky to live in a spacious, atmospheric manor house, but it´s not that difficult to add some of that typical elegance to your home, either. Simply take a virtual stroll through webshops focused on furniture and interior design and get inspired!

Comfortable furniture with a look of antiques?

That´s possible, in fact. We all admire those lounge sofas with their often crimson red velvet covers and opulent golden frames. They look gorgeous when we walk past them on guided tours through castles or manor houses, but who has ever taken a seat in them? Items that maybe look gorgeous often don´t match the contemporary standars of comfort. Still there are ways of getting the best of both design and quailty if you choose a modern product with an antique design maybe, or you choose a contemorary design piece of furniture and put it in an elegantly decorated setting. If you question yourself where unique, yet comfortable pieces like that might be found, you should consider taking a look at comfy chaise longues.

Create an exclusive and lush atmosphere by assembling and arranging comfortable furniture in a noble setting!

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