70mai A500S-1 2.7K 1944P HD Built-in WiFi GPS Smart Dash Cam


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Front and rear driving recorder:Without rear camera, the driving recorder provides high resolution 1944P. Equipped with a 70mai RC06 rear camera, the 70mai driving recorder Pro Plus+ can achieve dual-channel video recording and all-round protection, allowing you to drive with peace of mind. In dual recording mode, this smart flat camera allows you to choose different resolutions

Sony IMX335 Sensor and Excellent Image Quality::The flat-panel camera equipped with SONY IMX335 image sensor is an extraordinary camera for your recording. With a high-sensitivity Sony IMX335 image sensor, 6-piece glass lens, and F/1.8 aperture, the dash cam effectively captures clear images even in low-light conditions.

ADAS System Features Dash Cam:Dashboard’s smart camera with Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) detects your surroundings and alerts you to potential safety issues, such as when you start to veer away or get too close to the car ahead . Pro Plus+ is more than just a recording device, it protects your safety with a higher level of intelligence

Built-in GPS and route tracking:(Warm reminder: All customer data is only saved locally. 70mai will not tamper with your data or private information for commercial purposes or any other purpose.) Built-in GPS, dashboard camera monitors and displays real-time driving Data, including time, speed (km/h, mph) and coordinates. If an accident occurs, track the exact location of the accident, which is essential for roadside assistance and insurance claims

Seamless Loop Recording:A500S 2.7K dash cam replaces old videos with new content when the SD card is full, so the dash cam can record continuously. You can change the video file length from 1, 2, 3 minutes by setting. This camera supports microSD cards with a minimum capacity of 16GB and a read/write speed of U1 (UHS-1) and above

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Driving recorder*1

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