For Mazda 64 Color Car Interior Design Modification Gas Ambience Light


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Product information:

Power: 3

Color: AxelAxela-1 set with co-driving Starry Sky decorative plate

Material: acrylic engineering plastic LED computer

Color temperature: 600

Protection level: IP55

Voltage: 12

Overall size: 1000

Axela (Next Generation) special car ambience light 64 color-original car mold-threading model

Ordinary car 20 lights, 4 doors contour lamp, 4 door handle lights (perforated installation),4 doors storage box lights (perforated installation),2 central control, 2 saddles, 4 foot lights.

With co-driving Starry Sky Magic decorative plate is 21 lights.

Touch pad mobile phone control (with music rhythm, breathing gradient Flash and other functions)

Packing list:

Encorera-1 set with co-pilot starry sky trim

Product Image:

Additional information

Weight 2.00 kg
Dimensions 800 × 300 × 300 cm

Starry Sky Ornamental Plate


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